Cycling the Erie Canal – under 2 weeks ’till we leave …

It’s starting to feel pretty real now.  I’ve got all of our itinerary planned out pretty well – or at least as well as I can hope for.  Every day’s journey, night accommodations, food, hydration plan.  Sheesh, I thought this would be about biking, not planning 🙂  But if it doesn’t get planned out well, we may find ourselves out of food, water, or housing.

I have to be honest, it’s starting to be a bit intimidating thinking about starting out on this journey.  I am really praying for good weather.  We don’t really have the choice of skipping a day or two, so if it pours, well, we’ll just have to slug on through the rain.

If you’re interested in seeing the route we’ll be taking, you can see the following maps:  (a traditional map) (an interactive map that you can mouse-around on)

Peace & Blessings,

Dc. Matt