Getting ready for 2013’s trek

In one week, I set out for another long distance bike trip. This time in familiar territory. I will be riding across New York on the Erie Canal again. I will follow nearly the same path that my daughter and I rode in 2010.

I am a little behind where I’d like to be in my training miles, but I’m probably in good enough shape – I’ll finish my training on the ride.

This week, I’ll be trying to get out and put a few more miles together and see if I can cross the 900-1000 mile mark that I had set for myself. The weather looks chilly and wet all week, though, so it may be a very soggy week!

I intend to blog about the trip each day, assuming I have battery life and cell phone signal. Stay tuned.

I leave next Sunday morning on the trek. Until then, riding and enjoying some quieter time with family.