Getting ready for 2013’s trek

In one week, I set out for another long distance bike trip. This time in familiar territory. I will be riding across New York on the Erie Canal again. I will follow nearly the same path that my daughter and I rode in 2010.

I am a little behind where I’d like to be in my training miles, but I’m probably in good enough shape – I’ll finish my training on the ride.

This week, I’ll be trying to get out and put a few more miles together and see if I can cross the 900-1000 mile mark that I had set for myself. The weather looks chilly and wet all week, though, so it may be a very soggy week!

I intend to blog about the trip each day, assuming I have battery life and cell phone signal. Stay tuned.

I leave next Sunday morning on the trek. Until then, riding and enjoying some quieter time with family.


2 thoughts on “Getting ready for 2013’s trek”

  1. Matt,

    Sorry we could’t make the ride this year. Hope you have a GREAT ride. BE safe! Look forward to your updates.

    Kevin White

    1. Yeah, it would be great to ride with you two some time! Let me know if you might like to do a long weekend ride or something later this summer. Maybe we could string a couple of 60-75 mile days together. Peace!

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