2020 Bike Tour: 3 Buds On Bikes – Day 0

Tomorrow I will start riding an out-and-back along the Great Allegheny Passage.  I’ve ridden the GAP several times before.  It is a wonderful bike trail.  It stretches from downtown Pittsburgh, PA to Cumberland, MD.  Along the way it winds through some beautiful countryside.

I was hoping to explore some new routes this year but chose to do the GAP instead.  With all of the COVID impact, I was a little concerned that I could have trouble finding accommodations on an unknown route.  Then I was talking with a couple of friends from work after a long ride we did and they started talking about riding the GAP “someday”.  I told them that I’ve done it a few times and described how nice it was.  They were hooked.  We very quickly planned out an itinerary and cleared it with our wives.  In very short order, we went from no plans to having a full tour planned.

I’m packed up and ready to go!  We drive to Pittsburgh today, overnight, and begin our riding tomorrow.  We’ll be taking 3 days to go to Cumberland, and then 3 more days to return to Pittsburgh.  Weather looks really good so far.

I am so excited to be getting away for a few days.  I’ve been working from home for 6 months now.  It will be nice to be out on the bike, riding through the woods, and enjoying the company of friends.  I’ll introduce you to JB and Billy in tomorrow’s installment.

More tomorrow!