2012 Bike Sojourn – Day 3 52 miles from Brunswick MD to Williamsport MD

Last night was my first good night’s sleep in a few days, even though the campground was around 150-200 feet from a major train thoroughfare. I did hear lots of trains through the night, but they didn’t really wake me. Back when I first graduated from college, I took an apartment in an old house that backed up to some tracks. I enjoyed those trains then, and this reminded me of those days.

Sleeping weather was excellent. No rain fell on us and the temps were cool. It was very humid, so my wet laundry remained wet all night and today until we stopped here in Williamsport.

I started the day with a quick trip into Brunswick to look around, but nothing was open. The ‘Beans in the Belfry’ coffee shop is supposed to be really neat, but it was closed still. On my way out of town, I had to wait for a long coal train before I could pass back to the bike path. It was fun watching it … for a while.

Our trip was pretty nice and generally cool until lunch time. We cycled through the woods and soaked up some shade and nice breezes. At lunch, we ate next to the Potomac and chatted with some new friends. Then the heat started.

We had a 15-mile (?) detour off of the path and onto some surface streets to bypass a part of the towpath that had been destroyed by flooding. It started with a pretty aggressive climb that most people were walking their bikes up. It wasn’t too long, but my legs were burning and I was glad it wasn’t much longer!

Out of the shade, the sun was really hot. The bypass rode some pretty countryside, with some rolling hills. But after already putting in around 35-40 miles, my legs got a little rubbery on a couple of them.

We finished with several more miles back on the shady towpath and emerged next to the “Cushwa Coal” building here in Williamsport. Nearly 52 miles for the day.

This campground is very sunny. And it is H-O-T. I was so hot it was hard to concentrate on setting up camp. After getting everything situated, I went for a nice long soak in the Potomac. It was cold and felt awesome. A shower and some laundry (in the shower) completed the adventure. One good thing about the sun: my laundry will actually be dry for the first time in three days.

(paused here while I ate dinner)

Ok, did I mention it was hot? Still is at 6:15. And hotter weather is on the way.

Dinner was awesome. These people catering are doing a spectacular job. When you ride 40+ miles it is amazing how hungry you get. And the food has been very very good. Tonight, we had fresh grilled beef on skewers, served fajita style with grilled veggies and tortillas. Yum.

Probably the sightseeing hi light of the day was Harper’s Ferry WV. To get there, you have to lock up your bike and climb up some stairs to a train bridge crossing the Potomac. There is a pedestrian way on the bridge.

I probably should know more about Harper’s Ferry from History class, but I don’t recall ever learning about it. Sadly, most things were still closed, but I did walk around town for a while and decided that I should go back some day. Lots of neat old buildings and history. I’ve posted a couple of pictures from there, including the Catholic Church.

All-in-all, today has been a pretty good ride. If I could change anything, I’d just like to have some family with me, and maybe some cooler weather.

Tomorrow is a bit shorter, but high temps are expected for the next several days.

Please pray for cooler temps! Highs near 100 are predicted.

Here’s a link to today’s GPS tracks:
gps log-

Peace & Blessings!
– Dc. Matt








5 thoughts on “2012 Bike Sojourn – Day 3 52 miles from Brunswick MD to Williamsport MD”

  1. Hi Matt, We were happy to hear that you didn’t get rained on and that, hopefully you’ll be dried out! I’ll be thinking of you in the heat in the a.m. I remember being in the Galapagos, directly at the equator, heat at 100 and the humidity the same, sun beating down. Whew, I had never experience such heat in all my days! I remember the young priest, fully vested for Easter, sweating up a storm, smiling, undaunted. Just keep focused AND hydrated.
    So, how clean (or not) was the Potomac???? I’ll be waiting to hear.
    Keeping you in my prayers, for safety, spiritually & physically.
    Love you lots, Mom & Dad

    1. The Potomac is kinda dirty, but it felt amazingly cool and refreshing. I just went straight to the showers to clean off after!

      With the heat, I actually wouldn’t mind a light rain. It can be quite comfortable when temps reach the 90s. Sadly, no rain in the forecast for the next two hot days.

      Thanks for the notes. I always miss family when I’m away on a new adventure, so the words help me keep going!

      Love you, Mom!


    1. About 230. Most are retirees, and although I am in pretty good shape, I am hopeful to have their stamina when I’m 65-75 years young!

      Ps: did I mention it is HOT?

  2. When I was a youngster on a train trip to D.C. with may parents, we arrived in Harper’s Ferry a little past daybreak. It was a beautiful sight. So much history there. Thanks for the pictures. It brought back great memories. Be safe! We continue to pray for your health and safety. Love you. Dad B on Mom B’s iPad.

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