All packed up!

Well, the big weekend is almost here!  I drive to Pittsburgh this weekend, then take a bus to DC with my bike and start riding back on Sunday morning.  I’ve trained quite a bit more than my last long-distance trip, but somehow I’m not quite feeling as confident.  Perhaps it is that I’ve done this before and now realize how tough it might get 🙂

Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to the trip and getting some beautiful views as I anticipate crossing the continental divide, seeing the Ohiopyle area of PA, and enjoying nature.  I’ll be blogging and taking pictures as much as I can during the trip.


– Dc. Matt

3 thoughts on “All packed up!”

  1. Matt, this is the first time I have looked at facebook in a few weeks. I may try to keep track of you…or maybe not. In any event, best of luck and God’s speed. I would like to try what you are doing some day.

    Bob Maher

  2. Matt, Steph said yoy have rain and beastly heat. We hope today is better. Enjoy all beauty and power on! Love you, Mom B

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