Day 3: Heading Home…

Last night, I spent some time talking with my dad on the phone. My grandmother (his mom) has been having some very significant health issues.

I am heading back to my mom and dad’s house so that they can have the ability to head to Florida to be with Grandma. I think Dad had been waiting for me to finish my ride – but I believe it is much more important for him to be able to leave.

So this morning I said goodbye to my friends here and packed my things to head home. Depending on what the next few days hold, I might consider catching up with the tour, but this is likely the end of my tour this year. Either way, no regrets on my part! I’ve enjoyed the last two days of riding.

As I said good bye to my friends, we decided to try to find another opportunity to ride together either this fall or next year. Bike touring is a great way to make some great memories and friends. I was especially happy to find out that two riding friends, Rich and Mary, have been dating after meeting last year on our ride from DC to Pittsburgh.

With that, this year’s trek comes to an abbreviated end. As a Cubs fan always says: “There’s always next year!”


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